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IV Characterization of Solar Cells using Elite-EDC


Elite Engineering Team

MAY   12, 2023

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Identifying electrical properties and performance of solar cells is important to researchers and manufacturers who contribute to improving the cell efficiency and energy conversion. Current-voltage (IV) characterization of solar cells is a generic method to verify the performance of cells, which provides several important parameters, including short-circuit current (Isc), open-circuit voltage (Voc), max power (Pmax= Imax ✕ Vmax), current of max power (Imax), voltage of max power (Vmax), fill factor (FF), energy conversion efficiency (η), series resistance (Rs) and shunt resistance (Rsh). Figure 1 shows a typical I-V curve of solar cell in the dark or illuminated environments. The short-circuit current (Isc) is the current through a solar cell when the voltage across the cell is zero (short circuited, V=0). When the current through the cell is zero (I=0), the related voltage here is referred to as the open-circuit voltage (Voc), which is the maximum voltage of the cell. The max power point (Vmax, Imax) indicates the maximum power generated by solar cells.



Figure 1. Dark and illuminated I-V curves of a solar cell.

Experimental setup


Figure 2 shows the equivalent circuit of using Elite- EDC for I-V characterization of solar cells. To measure the IV characteristics of solar cells, Elite- EDC is set up to generate a sweep voltage source on solar cells and record the relationship between current and voltage.


Figure 3 shows how to connect the test solar cell to an Elite-EDC. 

1. Connect positive (+) terminal of solar cells to Elite- Vin and -Vout

2. Connect negative (-) terminal to Elite-Iin

3. Choose I-V curve mode on the UI (user interface) page, set up parameter and record data.

Elite circuit diagram


Figure 2. Equivalent circuit of an Elite-EDC connect to a solar cell for I-V characterization.



Figure 3. Schematic illustration (a) and photograph (b) of measuring I-V characteristics of solar cells using Elite- EDC. (solar cell part No: 109985, Centenary).



Figure 4 shows the result of I-V characterization of No: 109985 solar cells using Elite-EDC.



Figure 4. Dark (orange) and light (blue) I-V curves of a solar cell using Elite-EDC.











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