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About Elite

  • 01 What is Elite System?

    Elite system is a digital wireless recorder that has the capability to measure a variety of electrical properties and wirelessly relay the data back to your portable devices (cell phone, tablet and laptop) and computer.

    It is particularly ideal for in-situ measurement inside an isolated or a condition-controlled incubator for the long term. By monitoring your samples in an isolated, condition-controlled chamber, the risk of contamination or damage on your samples is minimized. Moreover, Elite is an auto-pilot system supporting multi-user access and remote control.

    Miniaturization: Light weight, tailored interface & system integration

    Wireless: Bring the experimental equipment next to your animals/samples

    IoT system: Multi-user, multi-device, efficient data collection and processing


  • 02 Who needs Elite?

    Anyone interested in measuring and observing the electrical properties of their subject of interested would greatly benefit from utilizing Elite.


    Elite is suitable for engineers, researchers, students, and hobbyists in various fields, including but not limited to:

       •   Electrical/device engineers

       •   Researchers and scientists in physics, materials, electronics, biotechnology energy and more

       •   Medical device R&D

       •   Quality control and testing laboratories

       •   Environmental monitoring

       •   Academic institutions

  • 03 Why should I use the Elite system?

    The core of Elite’s design is intuitive use, data fidelity, efficient collection of data, and easy integration and use so that researchers and engineers can more conveniently and efficiently complete their work goals without limitation. Besides, features of miniature and wireless on Elite allow it to freely travel to samples for measurements, enter enclosed environments to collect data, and send it back wirelessly. The Elite team will also continue to develop the Elite device family and Elite software with different functions to meet the diverse and complex needs of researchers and engineers and create your mini laboratory.

  • 04 Which Elite product is right for me?

    All models in the Elite series can connect to Elite controller, and our recent Elite products include the following (but not limited):

      Model Function Specifications
      EDC Digital multimeter, source measurement unit, logger & potentiostat ± 5 V, ± 15 mA  more info
      EIS series Impedance measurement & potentiostat amplitude: 10 – 600 mV, ± 3 mA, 200 kHz – 15 mHz more info
      TRIG Switch box & devices management trigger mode, current regulator and switch  more info
      BAT Digital multimeter, high V/I source measurement unit, logger & potentiostat ± 10 V, ± 300 mA  more info


    Elite will continue to develop products tailored for various applications. If you cannot find an Elite that meets your requirements, please feel free to contact us.

How to use Elite

  • 01 Will the battery level affect the result of measurement?

    No effect. Elite is capable of battery management, the accuracy will not affect by the battery level. Elite will provide waring when battery is low level, and turn off Elite automatically.

  • 02 Is the Elite system waterproof? What is the operating temperature of Elite system?

    No, Elite and controller are not waterproof. We recommended to use Elite and controllers where the ambient temperature is between 0º and 50º C (32º to 122º F). 

  • 03 When more than one Elite is connected to a Controller, how can I tell which is which?

    There is a button associated to each Elite on the control panel. Pressing the button, the Elite corresponding to the one on control page will light up in pink for a short time to identify itself.


  • 04 Getting started with Elite

  • 05 Can the Elite be used alone, or do you need to have the Elite controller for it to operate?

    Elite constantly transmits data to the Controller. Elite must keep connected to the Controller wirelessly.

  • 06 Do I need to install any software on my computer (phone) to use Elite?

    No software needed. Elite works on webpage. Please connect to the Controller via WiFi. Suggested browsers: Chrome and Safari.



    The Controller and Elite come with software ready. The user does not need to install software to their computer (or phone) to start their measurement.

  • 07 How many Elites does a Controller control at the same time?

    Recently, each Elite Controller can controls up to 4 Elites.


  • 08 What is the wireless range of the Elite System?

    The communication distance between Elite EDC and Controller is around 5m. (typical distance) (much longer for line of sight)(BLE) 

    The distance between controller and is longer than 5 m (WiFi) …. need update

  • 09 How long does the Elite battery last?

    We use rechargeable lithium batteries in Elites and provide more than 8 hours of typical use (varies with models, working modes, and settings). For extended use time, please make the USB power available to the Elite, e.g., power bank and wall power.

    • Power bank: Typically, we recommend using a power bank instead of charging directly with the AC adaptor, which usually introduces 50/60Hz interference. When using multiple elites, please connect only one Elite to a power bank to avoid inadvertent electrical connections between two Elites.
    • Wall power: Wall power: connecting to wall power is doable. However, it might introduce noise and 50/60Hz interference from the environment.

    Please contact us with your intended application. 

Support & service

  • 01 May I have measurement leads with different lengths and/or probes?

    Yes. Varies length and probes are optional. Please contact us. (eg. hook clip vs. aligator clip)

  • 02 Can I install additional software on my Elite controller?

    We have not provided this supporting now.

  • 03 Troubleshooting

  • 04 How to update my Elite?

  • 05 Can the Controller be integrated with other experimental control software?

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  • 06 Can user modified the program of Elite/Controller by themselves?

    Our system are not open for users yet. We are very welcome users offering their suggestion and requirements to us. Please use the following e-mail: or leaving message on our product website (contact us).

  • 07 How can I calibrate my Elite?

    Each Elite is calibrated in house. There is no need for a user to calibrate. If you have any concern, please contact us or contact your distributor. click here

  • 08 How to get my first Elite product?

    You can contact us form website directly. Alternatively, you can find a distributor also


      * names on the list are in alphabetical order       
       Distributors Contact info Location


    BioPro Scientific, BPS



    Phone: +886-35621398


    Unit 715, Center of Innovative Incubator No.101, Sec.2, Kuangfu Rd.
    Hsinchu City 30013



    EQUIL Appl Tech



    Phone: +886-986786566




    SPI supplies

    Phone: +1-610-436-5400

    Toll free: +1-800-242-4774


    206 Garfield Ave West Chester
    PA 19380-4512


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